Our projects.

In order to promote respect and empathy for diverse communities of thought and culture, projects focus on how humans do and see the same things, yet differently.

To spark curiosity, gain awareness of our blind spots and make unexpected connections to others, viewers take part in a delightful and profound exploration of the diversity of answers to enduring questions, such as how community members receive their names and relate to them.

Project "What's in your name?"

So much is in our names: family tradition, ancestry, expectations, culture, religion, birth order, hierarchy, gender, history, characteristics, professions, landscapes, natural phenomena, origins, migration, oppression, misunderstandings, trends, legislation, a child's right, and much more.

Ring a door bell and listen to a personal name story.

A video installation of "What's in your name?" was shown at the About Us! Zürich Interkulturell Festival which took place  from 3 - 18 September 2021 in three different neighbourhoods of Zurich, at the Verein Sichtbar in Rüti form 4-10 December 2021, in Wetzikon/ ZH at the Dukaan project from 10-23 December 2021 in celebration of the international human rights day, as well as at Afro-Pfingsten in Winterthur from 4-6 June 2022.

Are you interested in participating?

Contact us and tell us a story about your name.