The One Humanity association aims to promote tolerance and respect, as well as to encourage a dialogue about a sustainable future.

The promotion of respect for other people, cultures and the environment, and above all the promotion of self-reflection, are the association's goals. This includes reflecting on one's own values, assumptions, narratives, biases, beliefs and traditions.

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To achieve these goals the association is developing a travelling exhibition. Special attention is paid to the inclusion of the broadest possible audience.


This is a project in the making by the One Humanity association. Friends and experts from various backgrounds have enriched and challenged this project through inspiring conversations.

The project is led by Larissa Mettler. Rahel Lämmler, architect and author, is the head of the association's board and Brigitte Schmid, Senior Director at Human Rights Watch Zürich, is the board's vice-president.

Merav Mack, PhD, Israeli historian living in France, Siddhartha Arora, lecturer on innovation and IT architect, Thomas Gröbly, lecturer in ethics and poet, Šeherzada Paden, advisor international relations, Sarah Sabry, PhD, specialist in international disaster risk reduction and resilience in urban settings, Nader A. Taghavi, lecturer at the Academy of Art and Design at the University of applied sciences and arts in Basel and architect, Myriam Rüegsegger, communications, marketing and event specialist, formerly at Fondation Beyeler,
Claire Benn, research fellow, the Humanising Machine Intelligence Project at the Australian National University, are advisors to the One Humanity association.


The image of our home planet on our page Beliefs was taken on 22 December 1968 from the Apollo 8 spacecraft and is the property of NASA.

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Please contact us for any ideas on resources such as books, films and other exhibits related to One Humanity.