Common ground.

"What unites us as human beings is 
What unites us is our common ground."

This is what others believe unites all human beings.

Harmony & Compassion Food & Art Sharing & Respect Fun & Laughter

  • Ella
  • 17
    years of age
  • Self Employed Photographer
  • Zurich

Die Begrenztheit unseres irdischen Lebens und die darin enthaltene Botschaft, nichts aufzuschieben: keine Liebe, keine Träume, kein Vergeben, denn es könnte schon zu spät sein.

  • Anne Debock
  • 47
    years of age
  • Controller
  • Deutschland

Our need to love and to be loved.

  • Joel de la Fuente
  • 50
    years of age
  • Actor
  • USA

Our ability to love.

  • Lukas Schwitter
  • 39
    years of age
  • Designer
  • Switerland

Essen und trinken

  • Mohammad
  • 20
    years of age
  • Student, Geflüchteter
  • Schweiz

An appreciation of trees

  • Claire
  • 7
    years of age
  • I go to school
  • Australia

The desire to understand the mystery of life.

  • Gloria Magnifico
  • 42
    years of age
  • Designer
  • Switzerland

We all share the same experience of being products of our emotions, of being loved and being afraid. We need as a society to promote the former and diminish the later.

  • Tamer AMR
  • 48
    years of age
  • Real Estate Developer
  • Switzerland

The desire for self-actualization, meaning the desire the achieve one’s human potential. Maslow’s pyramid describes it well: once basic human needs are met (such as physical safety, food, shelter) humans aspire to higher needs such as love/belonging, esteem, and self-actualization.

  • Alfred Mendoza
  • 46
    years of age
  • Financial Analyst
  • Switzerland


  • Nemo
  • 20
    years of age
  • Musician
  • Switzerland

The need to love and be loved. In whatever shape, form or color.

  • Nadia Isler
  • 42
    years of age
  • Employee at the United Nations
  • Switzerland

I don't think anything unites humans.

  • Akshay Sethi
  • 43
    years of age
  • Director
  • India

Love of family and home unites all humans.

  • Lily Gamboa O'Boyle
  • 68
    years of age
  • Actress, Writer, Grandmother
  • Philippines

We all pick our nose.

  • Mia Mendoza
  • 10
    years of age
  • Homo Sapiens
  • Switzerland

Ce qui unit les humains entre eux: le souci de l’Autre, avant tout.

  • Christophe Galimard
  • 44
    years of age
  • Compliance Officer
  • Germany

What unites us is our desire for meaning and purpose. 

  • Nadja Schnetzler
  • 47
    years of age
  • Collaboration Coach
  • Switzerland
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